We aim to give sustainable livelihood and projects to underprivileged single parents through education. DEMEE will provide international standard beauty seminars and courses to these single parents to help develop their social status, improve employability and / or enable them to gracefully survive through sustainable self-employment.

The first stage of the program will focus on beauty courses. As we grow, we will add more courses that will further enhance their academic knowledge like courses in IT, marketing, entrepreneurship, among others.


We will maximize all our resources and make sure that these are invested in our intended recipients. So DEMEE will work with the local government units and cooperate with established charitable organizations, which know the local community better. We will also work with local businesses and volunteers who share our goal of touching lives—the more contributors, the bigger the impact.

The recipients of our social projects will be screened with the help of the local government unit. The candidate must possess a high degree of commitment to improving their life. To ensure that we get them to the finish line, we will create a mentoring system that follows the pay-it-forward method. Each graduate of our social project will have to commit to mentoring five other women. Details will be posted soon.

Our first charity project will be in April 2019 in Manila, Philippines, in cooperation with the Kiwanis International Pasig Chapter.